There are a lot of reasons you could be making basic hiring mistakes. Maybe you haven’t had to hire anyone for an extended time. Or perhaps you’ve had some hiring success in the past and haven’t changed things up recently. But if you are noticing your hiring has not been as successful lately, it could be a sign you are making some mistakes during the hiring process. It’s hard to know whether you are making a mistake if you’re not clear on what the actual mistakes are. So, we are going to bring to light some of the most common hiring mistakes.

Our software sales recruitment experts at RevsUp list some common rookie mistakes we see employers make during the hiring process:

You don’t have a defined hiring process

If you don’t have a hiring process, how will you know what works and what doesn’t? It’s essential for you to have an organized, well structured, and repeatable hiring process to ensure you assess all candidates equally and fairly.

You do all the hiring yourself

Do you do all the hiring yourself? Do you make decisions based on your gut instinct? You may be making biased hiring decisions. This is a sign it’s time to change up your approach to hiring. Even in smaller companies, it’s important to create a hiring process that allows for multiple people to provide input to help reduce hiring bias.

Failure to acknowledge job applicants

Ideally, you’ll receive a lot of applicants when you post a job. But a common mistake employers make is not acknowledging them. Candidates put in a lot of work applying for a job, so it’s important for you to recognize this. Failure to do so could result in your company developing a poor employer brand reputation. This could hurt your ability to attract top candidates in the future.

Holding out for a unicorn

The perfect job candidate doesn’t exist. There are few circumstances when you have an applicant who can check off every single requirement. So, don’t try to hold out for them. You could be missing out on great candidates because you’re too focused on finding the perfect candidate.

Too many qualifications

Having an extensive list of qualifications and requirements is intimidating. Some candidates may shy away from applying because they will make assumptions about your expectations. Don’t have too many or too few qualifications in your job application. Focus on the most important qualifications. Are you guilty of any of the above? Now is the time to make a change or you could continue making hiring mistakes.