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Don’t wait for high-performing software sales professionals to find you. RevsUp is your strategic partner in identifying only the very best candidates to supercharge your company’s growth—right now, and for your future success.

Some of Our Clients:

Today’s top sales candidates move fast. You need a recruiting partner that can keep up.

Today’s job seekers have never had more options, and when top-performing software sales professionals are on the hunt, they can be the hardest to find and secure. Don’t let the search stand in the way of your sales and business priorities.

At RevsUp, we specialize in identifying the sales leaders of tomorrow—those with proven track records, who are poised for long-term career acceleration and looking for the next place to call home. Through our vast network, we can find and vet the most qualified sales professionals for every facet of your organization. We do it efficiently, tailored to your unique needs, and all at no risk to you.

WE KNOW SALES – We are leaders in sales recruiting, and we take the time to get to know your specific business. Think of us as extensions of your own team.

INTEGRITY ABOVE ALL – This isn’t simply about jobs—it’s about trust. Unlike most recruiters, we work as matchmakers, finding the best fit for you and the candidates.

MAXIMUM ROI – Our flexible and performance-driven fee structure means that whether you are an early-stage startup or a late-stage scale-up, you’ll gain access to top-tier sales talent without breaking the bank.

In today’s job market, there’s no time to lose in sourcing top talent. From account managers and sales reps, to solutions engineers and even C-suite leadership, RevsUp is your strategic partner in fueling your company’s growth. Get in touch to learn more about how we do it.

The service you need,
right when you need it.

At RevsUp, we’re selective with our client roster so we can provide the most personalized care and attention, no matter your business needs.


Whether you’re the CEO, VP of Sales, or another revenue-generating leader, your job is to close deals, take care of your customers, coach your employees, and hit your revenue goals. Our job is to source, screen, qualify, background check, and present the very best candidates to help you get the job done.


100% of our talent advisors are former sales and operations leaders. We understand the needs of the job, and we take the time to get to know your unique business.


72% of our candidates achieve quota in the first year on the job. According the Salesforce, only 43% of salespeople achieved that feat in 2022. You can do better.

Our candidates are thoroughly vetted, but things don’t always go as planned. If a hire doesn’t work out within 90 days, we’ll replace them or provide a pro-rated refund.

What kinds of jobs does RevsUp typically fill?

From account managers and sales reps, to sales operations and C-suite leadership, we’re committed to being your full-service enterprise sales recruitment team.

What is the fee structure at RevsUp?

We offer a performance-driven fee structure, taking into account (1) the complexity of the search, (2) whether we are working on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, and (3) the scope of the overall engagement. As a general rule, the more likely we are to produce successful outcomes for you, the more competitive our fees.

How long does the recruiting process take?

Generally, we can complete the process within 3-4 weeks, but the complexity of the search, and a client’s level of commitment to the agreed-upon interview process, can help determine the exact timeline.

Does RevsUp provide any guarantees?

Our agreements provide two levels of guarantee! If any RevsUp candidate leaves your company within 90 days of their start date, we provide a replacement candidate–or if we cannot, we grant a prorated refund.

Connect with us today to see how RevsUp can provide personalized talent sourcing for your exacting business needs.