Zift Solutions, Inc. is billed as the first and only global enterprise SaaS platform that integrates channel sales, marketing and operations for ultimate alignment and ease. Its partner relationship management (PRM) software ZiftONE is a cloud-based solution that seeks to eliminate the complications usually involved with managing, motivating and aligning channel partners.

Based primarily in Cary, NC, with offices in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Oxford, UK, Zift had been “on pause” for growth until recently, when following the successful launch of the ZiftONE product in 2019, Heather says they had a need to add to the team in order to expand their reach.


Heather reports that both new hires have been great fits in terms of skills, talent, culture, and impact.

“The sales development representative has made a pretty immediate impact in increasing the amount of opportunities in the pipeline and creating more bandwidth for the field sellers,” she says.

Meanwhile, another candidate hired through RevsUp took the role of revenue operations director just two months ago and is already moving the needle. “We had him on a call presenting to the leadership team today and he wowed them.”

“The headline in working with RevsUp is efficiency. All my interactions with Mark and the team have been additive and time well spent. There is a high degree of accuracy and quality in the candidates, much higher than with other recruiters we’ve used.”

Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer
Zift Solutions, Inc.


Hitting new goals for revenue growth meant expanding across every role in the sales organization, not just salespeople. Heather explains they needed “sales development representatives, as well as all the operational pieces around it, including revenue operations and also our customer success team. We’ve added one sales development representative, one revenue ops director, and have multiple openings for SDRs that RevsUp is sourcing for us.”

When it came to finding those just-right candidates for Zift’s three- to six-month sales cycle, Heather had a couple of critical requirements.

First, they needed candidates who came equipped with a high level of technology knowledge. “Technology is very broad and those who sell an enterprise SaaS platform are very different from those who sell computer hardware. There’s also a channel within tech that is important to understand. So someone that says they understand tech would have to demonstrate an understanding of those nuances,” Heather says.

And second, she was seeking the right culture fit and candidates who would be able to help shape the future of Zift’s sales organization. “I was looking for someone who could sell and help us craft the way we sell to scale at the same time.”


Zift is all about doing things differently in their SaaS space, so they needed an approach that diverged sharply from “typical” recruiting methods, and that’s what Heather said they found with RevsUp.

Heather became acquainted with RevsUp when founder and president Mark DeChant introduced himself via LinkedIn. She happened to need recruiting help and wanted to get the ball moving quickly. From the very first meeting, she says that Mark asked really good questions about both the company and about her management style.

“Mark was very direct and responsive and realized we were moving fast. He understood the value of my time and always made the best use of our time,” she says.

One thing Heather particularly likes about RevsUp is that they took the time to learn “where we are in the evolution of our company and product, and what type of attitude (not just experience) we were looking for in a salesperson. In a really competitive market like this, people aren’t just looking at which company they want to work for, but also the boss they want to have, so the fact that Mark took the time to understand my style has served us well.”

What really sealed the deal for her, though, was seeing highly qualified, as well as highly diverse, candidates start to come through. Where other recruiters would just shuffle a pile of unvetted resumes her way (“a lot of garbage”), RevsUp valued her time by doing a good assessment of the candidates prior to presenting them, as well as presenting Zift in the right way to the candidates.

“Seeing the quality and the care in which the candidates were presented to me, seeing that Mark had done an in-depth review of them before presenting them to me was invaluable,” Heather explains.

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